Reviews of Stay

“Blackadder has created a perfect tone for the book - the language is simple, clear and visual. The plot twists and turns, and we never know exactly what is going to happen to Stay next. It’s not an easy task to endow a fibreglass dog with feelings and yet stay true to its physically lifeless form, but Blackadder manages it, and for any child who owns a dog, many of Stay’s thought processes will feel familiar.” - Sun Herald.

“… a clever blend of real-life adventure, fictional embellishment and fascinating insights into life - both animal and human - at an Antarctic research station… this book will also have much to offer animal lovers as well as readers in search of an adventure story with a difference.” -Kids Book Review.

“Stay’s adventures in Antarctica are funny, heartwarming and utterly unreal.” -Girl Power Book Club Book of the Month.

stay and jesse

“This book is an amazing and ture story that will steal your emotions from the first word.” Cairns Post.

“This is a must read!” - Girl Power.

“A heart-warming novel.” - Lamont Books.

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