Dexter Reviews

“A compelling story of wildlife rescue, told with great empathy and charm.” - Sydney Morning Herald (more). 

“Beautifully told, Jesse Blackadder takes the reader on a journey of grief and hope, despair and joy, danger and courage… Skillfully written and rich with description, truly a pleasure to read.” - Kids’ Book Review (more).

“An emotional story that dramatises some real conservation issues… It’s impossible not to get invested in this story.” - Bookseller and Publisher.

“A compelling and fast paced story… The split chapters captured me from the outset… Jesse presents the story from a koala’s perspective with warmth and conviction, while successfully avoiding sentimentality. It is a joy to recommend this book.” - Buzzwords.

“The two perspectives create an engaging story… it moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged. Dexter would be a great class novel.” - Read Plus (more).

“This is a great book for all your students who love animals, with a bit of adventure for good measure. It’s a book about growing up, responsibility, and finding out what you can do when you really put your mind to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.” - Student review, Lamont Books (more).

“A gripping emotional story… The events ring true because of the author’s personal experience with koalas and her meticulous research. Classrooms need more inspirational books like this.” - Park Watch Magazine.

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